When Nottingham’s dead go unread, there’s gonna be trouble…

Sillitoe, Byron and Lawrence are turning in their respective graves and will soon be returning to Nottingham in search of ‘booooooks’. Trouble is, the only places that seem to be stocking fiction are supermarkets and the undead don’t fancy snacking on the latest celeb autobiography as it isn’t very nourishing. Libraries and independent bookshops offer a more balanced diet but they will only continue to exist if people use them. So stop fannying around and do something. You can start off by exploring the interactive Dawn of the Unread Cover Art.

National Libraries’ Day (8 February 2014)

The Dawn of the Unread website (www.dawnoftheunread.com) released on National Libraries’ Day is followed by a interactive graphic novel release on the 8th of each month. A printed version in book form will be presented to all libraries in Nottinghamshire at the end of the project on 8 April 2015.

The front cover is designed by Andy Tudor, a vector based illustrator, whose recent illustration of Sweeney Todd was selected as one of the top 50 in the Serco prize for Illustration competition run by the Association of Illustrators and is being exhibited in Covent Garden from February to April 2014. Andy will also be designing our printed book. Please see Usborne Publishing for examples of similar work.

We are also delighted that artist Simon Raven has allowed us to use his video ‘The Bookworm’, which was created while artist in residence at Camden Arts Centre (which is a former library). Simon was a recipient of the Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary, for artists working with a disability.

Arts Council England

Dawn of the Unread is the ‘bwaaain’ child of James Walker, Chair of the Nottingham Writers’ Studio and Literature Editor at LeftLion magazine. He was recently commissioned with Producer Paul Fillingham to create the Sillitoe Trail for the BBC’s digital arts platform ‘The Space’

Contact details:
James Walker (Editor) dawnoftheunread@gmail.com

Paul Fillingham (Digital and Art) paul@thinkamigo.com


Website: www.dawnoftheunread.com
Blog: www.dawnoftheunread.wordpress.com